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Custom Bags from Recycled, Recycleable Materials

The Environment, BAM &
our Products

We as a company and as individuals are committed
to achieving environmental sustainability within our operating areas.

Our products are constantly being reviewed and improved to achieve better recycling and less packaging waste. We are investing in the area of bio-plastics and other materials from sustainable
resources and from recycled raw materials.
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Recyled and Reusable Bag Materials & Bag Customisation

Exclusive Reusable Bags which are good for the environment and good for your image, customers and brand.

BAM Reusable customers appreciate the highly flexible production procewss which allows us to produce whatever perfect reusable bag that your creative team dream up.

BAM Reusables allow you to develop and strengthen you brand and increase its' presence.

The more special and well designed your bags are then the more you will sell and the more they will be cherished and reused.

Your Ideas, Our Production - The Ultimate Green Bags

- Bottle Carrier Bags

- Picnic Bags

- Cooler Bags

- Bags with Pockets and Segments

- Bags with Zips

..... and much much more.


recycled shopping bag
retail bag made of woven pp
shopping bag made of woven pp