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Environmentally Friendly Bags for Retail and Promotion

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Reusable Shopping Bags & Promotional Bags
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Single use shopping bags are quickly and rightly becoming a thing of the past. Our environment is becoming steadily contaminated with discarded plastic products.

One of the main offenders are the simple one use shopping bags issued by grocers small and large for transporting your shopping from the store to your home.

They are mostly thrown away after the shopping trip or if lucky, given one further outing as a (very expensive) bin liner. This is not surprising as they are barely strong enough to fulfill their primary task!

The more utilitarian and environmentally aware consumers soon discovered the advantages for themselves and for the environment offered by the sturdy reusable shopping bags as used in Ikea stores.

After enough rogue customers started liberating these from the stores Ikea started to sell their strong, reuseable, environmentally shopping bags as a stand-alone product... and so the trend started!

Reusable shopping bags are no longer a trend but a clear improvement for consumers, retailers and the environment.

BAM's expertise in both conventional plastic bags and bio-plastics helped us to develop the latest generation of woven and non-woven reusable shopping bags using both recycled PET (polyester) and non-recycled PET and non-recycled PP (polypropylene).

BAM-Reusable offer endless possibilities to customise your reusable shopping bags from the overall construction and shape, the seams, handles, internal compartments and pocket to zips, Velcro and other closures.
Not to mention of course the high quality printing process with either a high gloss or matt finish.


Ikea is a registered trademark of Inter Ikea Systems B.V.
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The Environment, BAM &
our Products

We as a company and as individuals are committed
to achieving environmental sustainability within our operating areas.

Our products are constantly being reviewed and improved to achieve better recycling and less packaging waste. We are investing in the area of bio-plastics and other materials from sustainable
resources and from recycled raw materials.
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