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Bespoke Reusable Promotional Bags, Shopping Bags and Luggage

The Environment, BAM &
our Products

We as a company and as individuals are committed
to achieving environmental sustainability within our operating areas.

Our products are constantly being reviewed and improved to achieve better recycling and less packaging waste. We are investing in the area of bio-plastics and other materials from sustainable
resources and from recycled raw materials.
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Recyled Woven & Non-Woven PP and PET Reusable Bags

There are no limits regarding the construction of BAM Reusable bags.

The hand sewing process makes us as flexible as your imagination!

Size is no issue - We produce small wallet size pouches up to 1000Kg "Big Bags" for industrial applications.

BAM reusable bags can be lined or even double walled so the same print design can also be seen on the inside or which allows for a reversible reusable bag.

There are few limitations for the inclusion of compartments and Zips, press-studs or Velcro closures.

Handles can be applied as wished from a variety of material including the same materials as the reusable bags but also from woven nylon or even natural or synthetic leather.

Many of our customers have developed very interesting designs some of which are outlined below.

Reusable Wine Bag: A reusable Non-Woven PP Bag which fits exactly for 6 bottles of wine. Each bottle fits perfectly in its' own compartment which protects the bottles against breakage and helps the bag to stand upright even in the boot of a car.

Reusable Recycling Waste Bag: This bag has an extra handle sewn into the base of the bag which allows the user to hold the bag comfortably whilst emptying the contents into a recycling container.

Reusable Recycled Trolley Bag: Recycled woven PET bags with integrated trolley - the ultimate in simple lightweight luggage.

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